Frequently Asked Questions

How can my facility make money with the SS Solar charge controller system?

Answer: This creates an additional revenue stream. Once your facility has the solar panel installed at each unit, you can sell the charge controller to each tenant.  The charge controller will be owned by the tenant, so if it's lost or damaged the tenant can purchase a new one from the facility.

How can my facility save money by using SS Solar products?

Answer:  SS Solar converts costly infrastructure and monthly electrical fees into the potential for monthly revenue by selling charge controllers and other accessories. The SS Solar trickle charger and roof mounted solar panel take the place of the traditional electrical circuit run to each unit.

Can the SS Solar charge controller system be installed as part of new construction?

Answer:  Yes. The recommended method is to install the solar panel on the roof. Plug in the panel wire to a junction box on the roof using our Box Connector. Then run the 25ft Extension Cable in a 1 inch conduit down the wall to the inside of the unit to another junction box with Box Connector. Then the customer can purchase the Charge Controller and connect
directly to the Box Connector in the unit.

Can this be installed as a retrofit to an existing facility?

Answer:  Yes. Similar to new construction, all the wires can be run in retrofitted conduit and plugged in as if it was new construction.

Do you need an electrician to install this?

Answer: We always recommend that you consult with a licensed professional. The SS Solar charge controller system only uses low voltage, but you should always check your local codes. Permitting may be required in your city or state.

Does SS Solar offer a warranty for these products?

Answer: Yes. SS Solar offers a 1 year manufacturer defect warranty on all products. If you find a product that has a manufacturer defect, please contact our Arizona office to get an RMA number before shipping.

What battery types can be charged with the SS solar charge controller?

Answer: The SS Solar charge controller can charge Lead Acid, AGM and Lithium batteries. Before connecting the charge controller to the battery, simply select the correct battery type using the MODE button.

How quick will it charge my battery?

Answer: This depends on the type and size of the battery being charged and the amount of sunlight captured by the solar panel.  The SS Solar charge controller has 2 charging speeds built in depending on the current state of charge of the battery.

Will the SS Solar charge controller overcharge my battery?

Answer: No. The SS Solar charge controller has safety features built in to prevent overcharging. Once the battery is at 100% charge, the charge controller switches to maintenance mode, and will monitor the battery and add power as needed to maintain a full charge.

What happens if I reverse the polarity on the charge controller?

Answer: The SS Solar charge controller has many safety features built in to prevent damage in the case of improper use. The charge controller will not be damaged in a reverse polarity situation. The built in safety features include:

• Over Voltage Protection
• Over Current Protection
• Short Circuit Protection
• Discharge Protection
• Over Charge Protection